More bizarre than a modern book about teenage wizards and witches, with the small, yet very important fact, that the members of this society very likely live in your house and go to your local Church.

“Ordo Ab Chao” is the title of the newest release from Angry Eye Publications, and the first for Dr. Jeffery Scott Humble, noted theologian, consultant, author, and Mason.

Dr. Humble has produced a stunning account of the modern Masonic fraternity, its origins, its main turning point and its modern direction and dogma, including an explanation of the real “beliefs” of modern Freemasons concerning such things as Jesus, Christianity, God (who they really think that He is), secrecy and much, much more.

The book details the origins of the Christian nature of the original, English form of “Ancient Craft Masonry”: that form of Freemasonry which was adopted in America through the British military lodges of the Revolutionary period, of which notables such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere and others joined.  It was that form of Freemasonry also, that swept across Europe and led to the formation of all of the European Grand Lodges in Germany, France, Italy, etc., not the current form of American Freemasonry as we know it today.

The book goes into both historic detail and Masonic detail, using hidden sources and long forgotten publications of the original period, to back up Dr. Humble’s claim that the framers of the original forms of Freemasonry fully understood the Christian nature of the fraternity that they were forming.

Drawing upon Church and Masonic documents and eye witness testimonials from the late 17th and early 18th centuries, Dr. Humble expounds upon Christian theological doctrine to tie the ends of the spectrum together in a unified picture of the development and subsequent redesigning of the Masonic fraternity by Albert Pike and the rise and formation of the apostate Scottish Rites through him, after the Morgan Affair laid the existing Masonic structure to waste in the aftermath of Morgan’s mysterious disappearance.

Read exactly why some of our founding fathers would have been members of such a “secret society”, and why they built the American nation upon many of the main principles of the Masonic orders, if they were indeed different than what Masonic members experience today (which is true, as they are different).

This book is a very important addition to every Christian’s library of “cults” and “secret society” materials, and points out in a vivid and intelligent fashion, that modern Christians and Freemasons alike, have a once in a lifetime opportunity to change something back to its original form, by becoming active members in a dying organization, reshaping it from within, and redefining the direction of something that has bothered the Christian Church since its inception, nearly 290 years ago.