Angry Eye Publications, LLC is a private publishing house that seeks to enlighten its readers by offering books and other publications on subjects of religious, fraternal, societal and general interest subject matter.

Angry Eye seeks to offer the unique opportunity to new authors, the chance to voice their opinions and facts concerning these subjects to the general public through the publications that it issues, utilizing creative marketing and private distribution networks.

The motto of Angry Eye Publications is taken from the familiar saying, “Vox Populi, Vox Dei”, being translated as “the voice of the people, is the voice of God” and is simply “Vox Populi”, leaving the issue of God to the individual reader.

The symbol of Angry Eye Publications is copyrighted and has special meaning to its founder and principle author, Dr. Jeffery Scott Humble.  It symbolizes the “all seeing eye” of the Masonic fraternity, which is also represented on the back of the American one dollar bill.  But this eye is “angry” at the apostasy of the American people and the Masonic fraternity away from the cherished God of their mutual past.

The pyramid in the symbol is three sided, not the normal four sides, to represent both the three great religions of Abraham, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, but also the three great manifestations of the Christian God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  It may also represent the foundational three degrees of Freemasonry, which once pointed the way to the Savior of all mankind, Jesus the Christ.

But above all, it represents the three methods that the word, the living word of God, is received by all human beings: written, spoken and heard (understood), and God’s insistence that humans continue to express their ideas and truths this way.  Whether it be runes, hieroglyphics, cuneiform, any current spoken or dead language, CD, DVD, MP3, music, theater, plays, debates, discussions, technology or art, human ideas and forms of expression, will continue to motivate and move the human spirit to action and formal consciousness.  

Without a vehicle to communicate ourselves properly, we are little better than the air that we breathe: useful and necessary, but totally invisible.  

We would cease to exist.